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Don and I had the privilege of working with Linda Fong Kenny as our real estate agent multiple times.

We first met Linda 8 years ago when we were looking for a home. We liked her immediately as she was very personable, professional and knowledgeable. Since then, Linda has sold two homes for us and helped us find our current home. Throughout every sale, she had our best interest at heart and was a true delight to work with. Linda always made sure we received the best offer for our previous homes and the best purchase value for the new one! She listened to us with patience and understanding and always went the extra mile to do something for us, from finding us a home inspector, getting us an estimate for repairs to personal recommendations for contractors, handyman, etc. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, Don and I would highly recommend Linda as your agent. It is not only her knowledge of the industry and market and her strong work ethic that makes her an outstanding agent, it is that she genuinely cares about her clients. Thank you Linda! Diane

Don & Diane

25/August/2017 We have had the privilege of knowing Linda Fong Kenny since 2008.

She was recommended to us by a friend who said that she was a wonderful realtor who provided excellent service. Buying a house particularly in Vancouver is a stressful experience. Having the right realtor definitely makes that journey easier. When we were looking for our first house Linda very quickly gathered what our budget was and what areas we were interested in looking at. She very quickly organized a number of houses for us to look at. Linda was always completely honest about the positives and minuses of any property. She looked at all aspects of a house; type of property, age, condition and of course most importantly location. Finding our first house took close to a year. At all times Linda was extremely patient and gracious at every stage. When we found our home Linda was in complete agreement that this was the right house for us. We then saw how much of an advocate Linda was for us in terms of negotiating with the other realtor to secure the property. This is where Linda’s experience comes through as these negotiations can become very complicated in less experienced hands. Linda is extremely hard working often working late into the night to secure the deal. We were impressed with how much integrity Linda conducts herself with and she is a professional in every aspect of the word. Linda’s involvement did not stop when we bought the house. She did both phone and come by on occasion to make sure there were no issues that needed sorting out. We really appreciated this as we were novices when it came to buying a house in Canada. Earlier this year myself and my wife reached a decision to look for a bigger property. As soon as we had made the decision we called Linda the same day. She again quickly got a sense of exactly what we were looking for in terms of our next property. We phoned Linda in March of this year. We were both prepared for an extensive period of looking for another property with disappointment along the way due to the nature of the Vancouver housing market. By May Linda had found the property that we wanted. Linda gave us excellent guidance as to what level our offer should be at. Linda again worked exceptionally hard and late into the evening to secure the deal. She kept us up to date with all developments in the negotiation. We really appreciated being kept in the loop at all levels. Linda made sure to address all the deficiencies in the house so that as much as possible would be sorted out before we moved in. She also made sure to give us enough time to sell our own property. When it came time to sell our own property Linda was fabulous. She was very realistic with us over what needed done to the property to get it ready for sale. She recommended a contractor to us who was amazing and efficient at getting our house ready. Linda was very detail orientated but her recommendations were never unrealistic. The improvements made definitely made the house more appealing inside and out. We actually went on the market 1 week sooner than anticipated. Her description and the photos that were taken of our home really put the property in the best light possible. Linda very quickly organized Internet exposure which was excellent. She wasted no time in having both agents opens and open houses to show the property to interested parties. Linda was fielding multiple phone calls as well as showings of the property. She was very enthusiastic and optimistic with us throughout this process. She was always very confident that she would be able to sell our property. When our buyer came along Linda’s excellent negotiation skills came into play once again. She secured us a price above our asking price. It should also be noted she did this when the market had changed and properties were staying on the market for longer. Linda’s integrity and professionalism are second to none. She is a credit to her profession. She has made a huge positive impact in our family’s life and we are very privileged to have had her as our realtor. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to our friends and family for her services. I think anyone would be extremely hard pressed to find a better realtor.

Dr. Arun Bhatt & Dr.Sujaatha Narayanan

Introduced to us by a property management company, we met and started working with Linda Fong Kenny in 2005.

Selling our first property in 2005 we continued to work with Linda through more sales in 2006 and 2018. Linda’s personal and professional honesty and integrity, along with her extensive knowledge, were the main qualities that led us to form a long lasting relationship with her. Our trust in Linda is such that we left her with Power of Attorney to sign on our behalf for a sale while we were away in France. We always knew that she had our best interests at heart. It’s rare to find someone that truly listens to what you want. Linda always gives sound advice and brings us to the best decisions, like when she encouraged us to counter an offer that we originally thought was adequate. We ended up with thousands more for our property, all without jeopardizing the original offer. After our last sale, here’s what we would say to Linda “ You are the best agent in BC... no... Canada! If there were awards given for Real Estate agents, you would be on the Walk of Fame in Vegas!” Hardy & Marjan Borek.

Hardy & Marjan Borek

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